Clever Link Ideas to Improve SEO

One of the major factors when it comes to playing the SEO game is being able to link your pages with ease. Building links is an essential point that can really make all the difference when it comes to SEO success but you need to be wary as getting it wrong could lead to getting your wrist slapped by the search engine giants. To help you get your links out there in a simple, effective and creative manner check out these ideas of building links and improving your SEO.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to build on links and to direct customers to find your pages along with building  with GMG SEO. You need to find websites which allow you to blog and to include links to your website within this platform. You need to ensure that the content isn’t sales orientated and is aimed at delivering informative and engaging content with keywords and links slotted in in the most natural way.

Visit Forums

Another useful tip for link building and SEO comes in the way of answering questions and leaving comments on online forums. There are forums for practically everything and you can take great advantage of these. If you are selling holidays then it helps to visit forums dealing with traveling and leave comments. You need to make sure that you don’t spam up these pages with advertising and instead leave helpful answers and informative comments with your link included at the end.

Social Media

Another popular way of building on your links for SEO is to use social media to your advantage. You can do this by finding relevant and popular posts and reposting them, this works best if the post is viral as it is sure to get noticed.

Five Minute Tips for Better SEO

You will hear long the way that SEO can take over your life and whilst this is true it doesn’t have to be that way. Some Seo can take less than a few minutes to implement and can really make all the difference when it comes to getting the results you need. SEO is all about getting yourself higher on the search engines and for this you need to have a clear cut online presence and you need to be using those keywords in a smart manner. Take a look at these five minute SEO tips for success.

Update your Facebook

Updating your business Facebook account can be done in five minutes or even less. Every good business knows how essential it is for SEO to be on Facebook. Take five minutes out of your day to update your status using keywords and to open up lines of communication with your target audience by responding to comments.

Update Page Titles

Pay a visit to your website and update your page titles to boost your onsite SEO. You need to make sure that your page titles have your relevant keywords in it so that you can get noticed by the search engines. Make sure you use the search terms you are looking for within these titles and that you make them unique.

Link Pages

Another quick and easy tip for boosting your SEO is to link pages within your website. You should be aiming to link pages that you want to get the most recognition, for example if you want customers to be directed to your products page and you are selling dog food then you can naturally place these keywords into your pages by saying things like ‘your pup deserves the best dog food’ and linking the term dog food to direct to your products page.

SEO to Makeover your Website

Making SEO your priority this year can truly help to get your business noticed and to boost your profit margins. SEO is the future and the only way you can hope to climb the ladder of success and to grow. You may have heard that old saying that SEO starts at home and this means that your website needs to be seasoned with SEO tricks to give it the flavour it needs. Now is the time to click onto your homepage and to see if SEO is making an appearance or whether it’s time for a makeover. Check out these hints to help improve your position on the search engines.

New and improved Content

The first thing you need to do when it comes to your website is to boost your content. Google and the other search engines are all about quality content and this is where you need to be savvy with words. Your website should hold creative, compelling and informative content peppered with keywords to make your SEO stand out. Customers and search engines want quality and they want interesting and simple to understand content that people can fall in love with.

Relevant Titles and Tags

Simple SEO tricks needs to be implemented now and this includes making page titles relevant, tags on the ball and URL’s that link to your business and your services. Take the time to go over all these things and to ensure that each of your pages has clear headings, keyword primed URLs and tags and unique Meta titles that arouse interest.

Blog it up

If your website doesn’t have a blog now is the time to get one and to really improve your SEO score. Blogging is a great way of updating your content on a regular basis, of connecting with your target market and of using those keywords with success.